“A premeditated act…” Baby shaken to death: the verdict falls on the nanny

Rtake off your mask », Michel Valiergue asks Me about the accused before beginning his argument. The lawyer wants the court and jury to see the real face of Alexandra Pouillot. A dejected face with a neglected hairdo, in which the guilt of killing Gabriel, an eight-month-old baby, on December 4, 2017 and the fear of going back to prison. There is a risk of 30 years imprisonment. The defense struggles to show that the Cagnes-sur-Mer childminder is not “Neither a monster nor a good strategist” despite his lies.

“A Premeditated Act”

Advocate General Cécile Baessa applied for fourteen years in prison early this morning. A sentence that the magistrate justifies: “The nanny is a trustworthy person. We entrust her with the most precious thing we have. Panic cannot justify a shake disguised as a rescue gesture.”

“Was she overwhelmed with supporting six children in a 70m2 apartment with no garden?” The judge wonders if she has the answer. Quoting one of the coroners, she likens the incredible violence of the shaking to bruising the brain “a traffic accident, a fall from several floors.” The public prosecutor’s office points this out “four different conflicting versions”.

Alexandra Pouillot claims it was the baby accidentally falling waist-high onto the tiles, then jerks it back to life. The Advocate General denounces “a willful act” which led to the child’s death a few hours later in Lenval hospital. It’s more like that for President Valiergue “irrational behavior”. Alexandra Pouillot “could not intentionally harm Gabriel”. “It would be the negation of his life”who has been doing sports for eight years without any problems, who, according to her lawyer, has always done good things around her.

“clumsiness, recklessness” according to the defense

The lawyer concedes that Alexandra Pouillot should be sentenced, not for a crime, but for manslaughter: “The High Health Authority has made vibratory trauma into ready-to-use repression for the criminal courts. I beg you to tailor it.” The defense pleads that this tragedy is the result “Clumsiness, carelessness or negligence”. Therefore, the maximum penalty may not exceed seven years imprisonment. “It’s an instantaneous, knee-jerk, inappropriate, monstrous act”the lawyer thunders so far that he frightens his client. “An action dictated by a certain unconsciousness but a desire to do well, like shaking a broken toy.”

Alexandra Pouillot’s lies, whose immaturity is apparent, have earned Anne Gavoille and Thomas Barthod, devastated parents, 48 ​​hours in police custody. “Inexcusable, admits Me Valiergue and she has to pay for it.”

After three hours of deliberation, the jury chaired by Catherine Bonnici dismissed the defense demonstration. The nanny was sentenced to 12 years in prison for “intentional violence resulting in death without intent to kill”. He is permanently prohibited from working in contact with children. A relief for Gabriel’s parents and grandparents.

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