A new baby in the family? His big announcement…

Cindy Poumeyrol may have tried Koh Lantathe survival game is just a formality compared to his busy schedule!

Cindy Poumeyrol, in a riot!

These images of the portrait of Cindy Poumeyrol will not leave anyone indifferent. At least the one who was in the anniversary department Koh Lanta is surprising. Of course, she didn’t last long against Claude Dartois and his friends. But given the scandal this season has caused, fate seems to be doing him a favor. We eliminate her on the third council and she fails to impress on Banished Island? Regardless, she doesn’t have to spend hours justifying herself for attending meals organized by Teheiura. Phew, honor is assured!

Back in France, leaving her adventurer costume in the dressing room for Thomas and Supermama’s wife, she sparkles. First comes Alba to cement her love for her dear and tender husband. A few weeks ago the stork did it again and dropped Princess Victoire off with her. Obviously, 2022 is looking promising for the young woman. On his Instagram account, his followers love his kindness and humor!

Cindy Poumeyrol is swimming with happiness

The one who has fun getting pregnant every time she comes back Koh Lanta would like us behind the scenes of his ” surreal birth”. In medical jargon they call it « Toboggan ». Quite simply, the midwife didn’t have a minute for him “insert the epidural”! Faced with the astonishment of her subscribers, she admits that she was the first surprise in the course of the operations.ns. “Luckily it was Express but wow it wobbles. I still can’t believe it was completely insane. » He just wanted to remember meeting him “little chicken”, she wants to thank her for being like this” in time. ” This is joy ! The one who makes the rain and beauty in Mamans & Célèbres seems to be on a pink cloud and has glitter in her eyes!

Cindy Poumeyrol is often criticized for the first names she has given both of her princesses. I never fell in [des] super pretty in fashion because I preferred to choose [un] maybe less classic, more original, but that would really relate to my child. » For example, when approaching her eldest, she states that she has curbed the impression of having launched a fad. Should she be happy? It’s not easy being the daughter of a reality TV star. Amused, she announces the pinnacle of irony. I see Alba’s birth. “Did she take the big head? As for her youngest, she had a lot of trouble letting go of the information. Fearing criticism or pale imitations, she tells us that he ” less comfortable for everyone. »

When the stork settles in the Poumeyrol tribe

chez objecto, we don’t get the impression that Victoire is that old-fashioned. Also, it reminds us of the people of Sophie Marceau in the two parts of la boom. As a reminder, filmed more than forty years ago, it was about the adventures of a young teenager and her first crushes. Unforgettable, she wasn’t the only one who endorsed these colorful scenarios. Denise Grey, the late legendary Claude Brasseur and Brigitte Fossey were members of his family. Do you think it was inspired by Claude Pinoteau’s feature films? The secret remains!

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) Cindypoum

A few days ago Cindy Poumeyrol shared a funny story. For once, his daughters aren’t the stars. The heroine of Denis Brogniart’s game is happy with this unexpected pregnancy. That is why she dedicates this content in black and white to those affected. Always with a touch of humor and tenderness, she lifts the veil on what’s planned for the rest of the coming months of 2022. In short, the least she can say in summary is that it ” the year of the poum sisters and the mini poum #Amourfou. By the beginning of the school year we will have understood, Alba and Victoire will have a new play partner and we can’t wait to discover the little face and especially the first name of this cousin. Will it be banal or original? To be continued in the next issue ofobjecto !

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