A mother launches a clothing line adapted to the disabilities of young children

As the mother of a 15-month-old baby with clubfoot syndrome, Angélique Maurat has created a clothing line for babies with disabilities. It intends to make accessible infant clothing suitable for serious pathologies.

Mandy is 15 months old. Like most babies of that age, she is restless, she cries, she cries and “she is not asleep yet‘ confides his mother to Angélique Maurat. But unlike most infants her age, Mandy walks around in metal splints, visits physio once a week, and visits hospitals more than usual. And for a good reason. “She has congenital equinus clubfoot, which means her feet are turned inward.’ Angélique Maurat recited tirelessly.

This 29-year-old nurse from Ariège, who works in the cerebrovascular neurology department of the Purpan hospital in Toulouse, had an uncomplicated pregnancy. Until the seventh month. “I was almost fully grown when I found out that she had a foot deformity. I had a hard time absorbing the news.‘ explains Angélique Maurat.

Two weeks after he was born, they put him in a plaster cast

Angélique Maurat, creator of the Atypik’baby brand

Convinced that only one foot was affected, the mother anxiously welcomed another diagnosis a month later. “The doctors told me it had developed. They told me that my baby had a foot deformity that she had club feet.“After the birth, Angélique can go home with her newborn baby and her companion. “But after two weeks we have to go back to the hospital. They put both legs on him‘ she recalls. Plaster that lasts for four weeks. “It was impossible to bathe her, we had to wash her with a glove‘ says the mother.

But another ordeal awaits young parents: how to dress a newborn with two legs in a cast? “It was just impossible. There was nothing his size“, disk Angelique Maurat. “All the baby pajamas you find on the market have feet, the pant legs are too narrow to put on over the cast“. A jigsaw puzzle.

I never imagined that for my baby

Angélique Maurat, creator of the Atypik’baby brand

To dress her daughter, Angélique tinkers, cutting the fabric, ripping the seams, and fitting. “It wasn’t nice, it’s not at all what I imagined for my baby‘ the young mother complained. She exchanges views with parents who have children with the same pathology and who all have the same problem and struggle to find clothes. This is how she came up with the idea of ​​launching a line of adapted clothing.

Pajamas, stretch pants, tights with snaps, wide socks: the clothing designed and sold at Atypik’baby aims to be suitable for everyday use, suitable for everyday use and, above all, to be offered to parents so that they “stop worrying“.

I choose the products, the fabrics, the concepts myself” confirms Angélique Maurat, who wants to clarify “everything is french“. The one who didn’t know how to sew turned to a model maker from Toulouse to draw the patterns for the clothes. The patterns are suitable for several disabilities such as clubfoot syndrome or gastrostomy. Once they are ready, Angélique Maurat buys them and then takes them to a seamstress who also lives in the Toulouse region. She’s the one responsible for making the clothes, though “We decide together‘ the designer sums it up.

There is a cost involved in producing 100% French products. The clothes sold at Atypik’ Baby cost between 27 and 39 euros. A price that allows Angélique Maurat to make a “small margin” and to reward its employees. The supervisor hopes to find clientele quickly.

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