A mother from Brezolles taken into custody: the deceased baby would have been shaken

Two babies died within a family of Brezolles within two years. But the reasons are different, according to prosecutor Rémi Coutin.
“The one who died in 2020 was weak because he was a very premature child. The death of the second on March 3 was “connected to a homicide,” the prosecutor said.

The baby was taken to Necker Hospital in Paris

The investigation began on March 3rd. But the facts go back to a few days earlier, on February 27th. The parents found that their child was in a very worrying condition. “The Samu was called. The medical team referred the parents to the Dreux hospital. »

Since the health of the one and a half month old baby was very worrying, he was immediately transferred to the Necker-Enfants Malades hospital in Paris. The medical service warned the Chartres prosecutor on March 1 of the nature of the infant’s injuries. “Practitioners point out neurological signs suggestive of shaking trauma,” states the prosecutor. The child died on March 3.

A father convicted of shaking one of his children, a 5-month-old girl (April 2021)

“Non-accidental head trauma
after beatings”

The investigations were entrusted to the research brigade Dreux. First, the parents were questioned as witnesses. During the hearing, they explained to the gendarmes that they “didn’t understand how their child got into this condition.” Relatives were interviewed, including grandparents. The latter is said to have told investigators that the infant was in good condition when they went to see the couple on February 26.

Shaken baby, near Nogent-le-Rotrou: the father and the nanny deny the mystery remains (July 2020)

According to the prosecutor, other testimonies influenced the direction of the investigation: “Neighbors” heard “the mother screaming at her baby in the days before the child was transported to Dreux hospital”.

The public prosecutor ordered an autopsy at the forensic institute of Garches (Hauts-de-Seine). Rémi Coutin summarizes the expert report: “Bruises on the right and left cheeks, a wound under the chin, hematomas under the scalp, a subdural hematoma on both sides that caused the rupture of the bridging veins. He adds: “The specialists concluded that there was non-accidental head trauma following the beatings. »

The bleached father

The Dreux search brigade brought the parents into police custody on March 10. It was renewed on March 11. New hearings were held. “The couple denied having been mistreated,” reports the prosecutor, who clarifies: “The prosecutor assumes that the mother is probably the cause of the death of the baby. »

The father, who was born in 1984, will not be prosecuted. A judicial inquiry has been opened. The mother, 29 years old, without a job, was charged with violence that did not result in the incapacity to work of a minor aged 15 in the ascendant and with manslaughter of a minor under 15 years of age: “She faces life imprisonment. She was taken into custody.

Thierry Delaunay

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