A Marine returns home after a long journey to find his wife is pregnant

A California mother of three had the fantastic idea of ​​keeping her pregnancy a secret from her Navy sailor husband until his return. Increase his reaction.

While a naval officer, Chris, was at sea serving his country, his wife, Natasha Daugherty, was at home raising their three children. Although she was there for the children, she had two jobs. Natasha also carried her fourth child, but she found a way to hide it from her husband.

When Chris came back, the mother-to-be gave her the big surprise of an 8 month pregnancy and her reaction was priceless!

Natasha welcomes her husband Chris home with a sign in hand [à gauche] Chris was surprised to see his pregnant wife [au centre] Chris smiles after finding out his wife is pregnant [à droite]. | Source: youtube.com/CBC Docs

Chris initially went on a six-month assignment. Then he was sent to the Korean Peninsula. This made Natasha, who has already hatched a secret plan, feel uneasy.

She pondered the possibility that her husband might not be able to come home and mentioned that she would feel guilty if he never found out about their baby.

Chris is surprised to see his pregnant wife. | Source: youtube.com/CBC Docs


In June 2017, the whole family got together to welcome the returning sailor. As the children excitedly rushed over to their dad to hug him, Natasha stood anxiously holding a sign that read, “Welcome Home BABY DADDY.” Chris didn’t understand what that meant until she dropped the poster. He was upset and asked:

Without waiting for an answer, he touched her stomach and received the necessary confirmation. During an interview with a CBS correspondent, the Navy officer stated that he found it incredible and that his wife was trying to deceive him.

Natasha greets husband Chris with a sign covering her baby bump. | Source: youtube.com/CBC Docs


The mother-of-one revealed the secrecy came at a price. She took care of her appearance in the photos she shared with her husband and covered her baby bump.

Natasha added that looking after her 4-year-old daughter at home is a little difficult. According to her statement, the little one is a chatterbox who often asks her mother questions. Chris’ wife often told her daughter that she was getting fat.

Natasha uses her kids to hide her baby bump in the photos she sent her husband. | Source: youtube.com/CBC Docs


Although Natasha and Chris have always talked about having a fourth child, neither of them were prepared during the baby’s conception. The California mother found out she was pregnant days after her husband’s deployment. She wasn’t sure and took the pregnancy test again.

“I found out about a week after he left. I didn’t believe him. I took the pregnancy test again and I was like, ‘Oh no, I can’t do my tummy so he doesn’t miss it.’

Natascha and her three children. | Source: youtube.com/CBC Docs

Chris admitted he was “extremely” happy with the news, particularly his wife’s project. He was happy that she had done something memorable. In his words:

“I was very happy to hear the news as we both wanted a fourth child and as this is our last I was glad she did something memorable and fun.”

Natascha had been waiting for her husband before they found out the sex of the child. When he arrived, the couple threw a gender reveal party. Chris was present at the birth of their child but soon returned to serve his country.

Luckily, the couple got what they had hoped for – their fourth and last child, under the care of a hard-working mother and father.

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