A family returns from the hell of Mariupol thanks to a repatriation by a Menton security company

Laurent, Veronica and Victoria are now safe in Menton. It took six days and the help of a private company to reach France, far from the hell of Mariupol and the war in Ukraine.

Laurent Rossi lived with his in Mariupol, a port city in south-eastern Ukraine Companion Veronika, her daughter-in-law Victoria when the theater was bombed by the Russians.

After living in a bunker with 60 people for two and a half weeks after feeling the breath of the blast, he made the decision to leave a city now 90% destroyed under the bombs. His car was fine, on March 17 he decided to return to his country of origin, France, and his department of the Côte d’Azur.

It was complicated, very dangerous, we knew beforehand that it wasn’t going to be easy.

And to pass the checkpoints, um rejoin Bucharest to Romania via Moldova and flight to Paris, it took a total of six days and on site assistance, remotely flown from Menton.

Founded in 2007, Algiz Security states on its website that “Your task is to continuously monitor the evolution of the security environment, equipment, tactics and techniques in order to provide solutions adapted to all circumstances”.

In practice, Altiz has a real network in the world and in Ukraine in particular.

The company has information from official and unofficial sources in real time with NGOs, the military, which makes it possible to organize rescue operations or exfiltrate from a country. For Laurent and his family, for example, it took about fifty agents.

We also have technological devices with geolocation applications for our agents and our customers that allow us to customize the mission. It’s a war, we sometimes run out of a two or three hour shooting window!

Florent Ferrété, Executive Director for Business Development

Soothe customers in great need, adapt to out-of-stock gas stations or cut roads, in the field, in a word, adaptation but no improvisation. A driver was waiting for them at each meeting point.

Leaving the country at war has a price when you go to a private company, ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 euros. The bill is usually paid by associations or NGOs.

According to reports, 250 families have visited Algiz since the conflict began.

Bombs are no longer part of everyday life for Laurent, Veronika and their daughter. But the young woman’s parents and sister remained in Ukraine, which is a cause for concern.

For his part, Laurent has started a support group on Facebook. He wants to help on his level by marketing a kitten for the Ukrainians who are still at war 3,000 kilometers from Menton.

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