A family happy to have adopted the electric city car

honda e

After almost 10,000 kilometers traveled in 15 months, the Honda e that the Jahin family (77) received retains a little magical side. It proves that electromobility can also be adapted for the residents of shared accommodation.

The need for a new car in the family

At 38, Sébastien Jahin has wanted to remain loyal to the Honda brand since his old Civic 3-door Edition 2004 in sports version.

« Our main vehicle is a Honda CR-V. We draw our first experiences with an electrified model from a jazz hybrid. For my car purchases, I used to work with a dealership near where my parents live in the south. For the Honda e we drove to the one near us, where we were also very well received. ‘ he starts.

« The question of an electric car came to us when my wife needed a vehicle to drive to work. Before that, she went to Paris and took public transport “, he specifies.

honda e

Choosing the Honda e

« I personally loved the first Urban EV prototype which reminded me of the old Civics. On the other hand, my wife didn’t like it and neither did the Renault Zoé. That’s why we first went to Peugeot to try out an e-208. it was a saturday remembers Sebastien Jahin. ” A meeting was scheduled for the following Monday. But just then a containment was made. The seller never got back to us after that. Hence a decrease in desire for this car “, he agrees.

« During this time, Honda launched its production model. I was a little disappointed. On the other hand, my wife really liked it. So we gave it a try sometime in the summer of 2020. The Honda e had everything my wife wanted. We quickly placed an order and received our basic version the following November. ‘ he elaborates.

The reasons for a choice

« My wife loves anything extraordinary. For example the original presentation of the Citroën C4 Cactus with its clearly visible side stripes. She also appreciates what is very Zen. This is also the case with the wooden board and the aligned screens of the Honda e, where even virtual fish can be fed. That’s very Japanese! ‘ says Sebastien Jahin.

« My wife loved the little face of this car which she called “Evy Blue”. If only because our Honda e is blue, but also because of the plush placed on the dashboard, inherited from the animated Wall-E “, he laughs.

« Joana needed a car to do the 5km drive from home to school and then the similarly distant job. Before that she used a Mazda my parents gave us. But it was a 12-year-old diesel that struggled to make only short trips around town. The Honda e, on the other hand, is perfect for this role “, he explains.

honda e

Loading at a terminal on the street

« We connect the car to a terminal located 5 minutes walk from our accommodation near the town hall. More and more electric cars are charging there: Peugeot e-208, Renault Zoé, BMW i3, a Tesla Model 3 taxi, etc. But we always find a place for ourselves, 2 times a week » says Sébastien Jahin happily.

« On-street charging costs us no more than 20 euros per month. My wife only makes small but frequent trips. Initially, the billing was 2 euros per session. The tariffs have changed in January 2021 but remain very correct: 2 euros for 3 hours, then 2.5 cents per minute “, he encodes. ” One of my colleagues who drives a Tesla Model 3 and Renault Zoé also connects to terminals in the department and thinks it’s cheaper for him than charging at home “, he adds.

And shop in condominiums?

« We tried to have a charging facility installed for us in the condo. In order to enjoy the Advenir bonus, we obtained an installer list and chose Electro-Mob in our area. We received a very warm welcome and got a good deal remembers Sebastien Jahin.

« Eventually, the homeowners association wanted to set up a file for the entire building and keep Elektro-Mob. She asked me to follow the operations. Enedis came by and then sent an email as a basis for suggested solutions. The ball was then in the installer’s camp before the vote at the co-owners’ meeting ‘ he adds. ” But no news from Electro-Mob for months. I’m not getting a reply to my messages. So demotivated that I finally dropped the case. Especially since we want to buy a single-family house in a few years “, he specifies.

honda e

What could be improved on the Honda e?

« It’s a pity that the on-board charger limits the power to 6.6 kW. It would be nice if Honda equipped its electrical system with devices that consume at least 11 kW, if not 22 kW suggests Sébastien Jahin.

The trunk of the Japanese electric city runabout offers a reduced volume of 171 liters, which can be expanded to 567 liters by folding down the seat. A little tight for family shopping. ” It is true that the trunk is small. But that’s not really a problem for our Honda e. We take the other car when we go to the supermarket ‘ moderated our interlocutor.

« autonomy [NDLR : 222 km en cycle mixte WLTP] is a good piece. It bothers us a bit, especially since we are in an apartment. When we are in our house, charging becomes easier and this point becomes less annoying “, he weighs. ” We would also have appreciated a frunk in the front, as we’re seeing more and more in electric cars he reflects.

The strengths

« The basic model we chose has the small output of 100 kW [NDLR : Contre 110 kW avec la version Advance]. But it is very sufficient. Even in normal mode you press the gas pedal and it starts very well. The Honda e is powerful for its size » says Sébastien Jahin happily.

« The turning radius of 4.3 m is exceptional. Parking in an alcove with this car is downright magical. Especially with the help of the 360-degree view, which is standard on board the already very well-equipped entry-level model. There is not much to change about this electric car ‘ he judges.

« The cameras that serve as mirrors are fascinating. We even saw people think they were broken. You get used to it very quickly, even if it’s a little less noticeable when you look at the rear left. What can be a little annoying is that the small screens make it impossible to see behind them once the car has stopped ‘ he testifies.

honda e

A pleasant electric city car

« You feel good in the Honda e. When you get in, you’re happy knowing you’re going to have fun driving it. I don’t really care about the paddle shifters. On the other hand, the One Pedal is perfect, with which you can brake to a standstill without touching the brakes. My wife and I only drive it “, he says.

It’s a car that draws attention. ” People look in and wish they could get in says Joana Jahin. Her husband also hopes that one day the main car will become electric. ” I’ve been thinking about this since Tesla announced its Model 3. However, the budget is substantial, at least 50,000 euros, and charging is still too cumbersome. I’m a bit undecided because manufacturers are coming out with new models soon. My preferences would go to the Polestar 2, the Kia EV6 and the Polestar 5 sedan in turn. ‘ he concludes.

Automobile Propre and I would like to thank Joana and Sébastien Jahin for their availability and interesting feedback.

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