A family goes 10 days with no news of their elderly dog ​​kidnapped by armed suspects!


A dog who was stolen while she was in her owner’s vehicle on March 23 was found safe and sound last weekend. His kidnappers, involved in several other armed attacks, are still at large.

Ten days later, an elderly dog ​​stolen by armed people was found Channel 3000 Sunday April 3rd. The suspect couple wanted by the police are involved in a series of burglaries.

On Wednesday, March 23rd Maybe, a 16-year-old female Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel poodle mix), was alone in her owner’s van. It was parked in a store parking lot Lake Delton, Wisconsin. On his return, his family was horrified to find the vehicle’s windows had just been smashed and the dog gone.

Armed and dangerous thieves

his master Kraig Knudson and his relatives had posted wanted notices on social networks. Two days later the police Lake Delton 2 suspects identified: a man called Adam A Lujano and 39 years old, and a woman named Javanni Murjan Esteves and 2 years older than her.

According to police, they had made more victims in the area that day by robbing several cars. During the theft of Maybethey had even threatened the owner of a van with a gun that he would steal his tools.

Adam A Lujano This wasn’t his first loss. Accordingly CBS News, he is currently on probation after being convicted of a 2018 auto theft offense. In 2015 he was jailed for a violent attack on a police officer. He and his accomplice are considered dangerous.

On March 28th, the Knudson still no news of her dog Maybe. A $2,000 reward was promised.

“We found our needle in a haystack”

The situation remained unchanged until Saturday April 2nd. Tonight, Kraig Knudson announced on Facebook the news everyone was hoping for; Maybe was finally back with his family. Her owner posted touching photos and a video of the reunion.

Kraig Knudson / Facebook

« We found our needle in a haystack “Can we read in this publication where the man was going” thank you all for the help, support, prayers and sympathy. »

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Kraig Knudson / Facebook

The circumstances of the return from Maybe were not specified. Her captors likely abandoned her during her run. You are still wanted. Police believe they are in neighboring Illinois.

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