A duplex like a family home in Paris

Some don’t particularly like it the charm of the old and especially the one hausmannia apartments in the capital. With Maya, interior designer at the helm of Atelier Hans, it’s the exact opposite. When she visits this apartment on the 14th, at the end of a Parisian backyard, far from the Avenue du Général Leclerc, she immediately sees its potential. Surface potential as it has 146 m2 spread over two floors; charming potential because it is located at the end of an idyllic courtyard, which makes it very quiet and decorative potential because the Haussmann style, even if it needs to be revived, is still present under the various modifications made by the former owners.

The traces of the old awaken

The markings of the old ones were damaged, it was necessary to revive the charm of the Haussmann style. From the 3rd Marble fireplaces removed, the architect found an identical one for the living room. Already dismantled by the predecessors, the plans were revised and the dismantling pushed back a bit: the kitchen was equipped with a glass roof to the dining room. In places the moldings had to be plastered over to bring back the tracks Hausmannian style homogeneous. The parquet floor was also a major project, as there were differences in height and the floor had to be re-leveled with suitable sleepers. Tedious but necessary work for a level floor. Appreciating the charm of the old to the end, Maya from Atelier Hans has unearthed old wooden floor, put in point of Hungary to once again respect the Hausmannian heritage. On the second floor, most of the work was carried out: divided like a second separate apartment and with different floors, it was a priority to review these main elements and rediscover the charm of Parisian apartments.

An apartment like a family home

Completely through, the apartment opens like a star to one corridor which serves on one side the master bedroom, the bathroom, then the living room and the dining room overlooking an internal courtyard. A subtle staircase is housed in a corner of the dining room and leads to the so-called “kids” floor. Still small, they share the same room, while one last room serves as a guest room. Finally, a second floor, slightly more spacious than the first, leads to a large landing that becomes a large playground for children and a second sleeping area for family friends if necessary.

Like the rest of the apartment, soft and natural tones adorn the space, punctuated by iconic design pieces such as the Fun pendant lamp by Verner Panton with mother-of-pearl leaves in the dining room, or the Brass pendant lamp by Gervasoni on the second floor landing.

With a refined but friendly style, design but with an undeniable taste for it vintageAtelier Hans a su give this Parisian duplex back its letters of nobility with simultaneous anchoring in the modern age. Tour of this duplex as a single family home in the countryside…. in Paris !

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