a “discomfort” says the father, a “shaken baby” answer the experts

The accused, now 35 years old, black jacket, face with fine features, long braided hair tied in a ponytail…

The accused, now 35 years old, black jacket, face with fine features, long braided hair tied in a ponytail, has three days to explain the facts.

These are dated May 19, 2015 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. This morning, as she told the bar near her lawyer, Me Diallo, Sacha’s mom is particularly “proud” of her and the baby: For the first time, he slept alone in his room. She takes care of it in the morning without noticing anything unusual before entrusting it to the father while he prepares. She hears crying, which suddenly stops. The father storms into the room in a panic and holds the lifeless baby in his hands.

“Something is not correct”

The latter is like a “rag doll”. The young woman begins to massage her four-month-old child’s heart. “That was me, Sacha and nothing else. But his efforts are in vain, Sacha dies shortly thereafter when help arrives.

In the living room, a few minutes earlier, the father tried to move his son into a more comfortable position. “Almost immediately I see that something is wrong. His head receded, he had trouble breathing. I’m worried, I rush to pick up the phone and call the emergency room,” he says.

“We were a family in which there were no particular problems”

From the start, the man defended by Me Zapirain has denied the violence. “I find myself in front of you if that didn’t happen at all,” he said on Friday. The infant had “become ill,” the father thinks. He would have had no reason to shake the child.

An expected baby

The child was especially expected by the couple, who had already been together for several years at the time of the events. The Guadeloupean and his partner, who met at hotel management school, experienced two miscarriages before Sacha was born. “We were a family where there was no particular problem, no fatigue. Sacha wasn’t a difficult kid, he was super calm. »

No one reports intentionally violent gestures by the defendant towards Sacha. But afterwards the mother remembers that the little one cried a lot with his father.

It also conjures up three ambiguous episodes that can be linked to simple clumsiness. For example, two days before the baby died, the young man brought him back in a stroller. Sacha cried and shook the stroller to calm it down. But the little one didn’t stick to his cuddly toy and “flew off,” says the mother.

“Some” of the diagnosis

This scene is not responsible for the Shaken Baby Syndrome that Sacha succumbed to. The medical experts, who followed each other Friday afternoon, insisted on the violence of the gesture and the impact “in the seconds that followed.” The two doctors who performed the autopsy testified first. Subdural hematomas and lesions of the retina and exposed nerves are characteristic.

A panel of experts continued the work of the first doctors. Between the observations and the hearings of the parents, he is categorical about the shake baby syndrome, comparable to a fall from three floors or a traffic accident. “We are sure of the diagnosis, assures a specialist. There are no other scientifically valid explanations. »

The radiologist even discovered fractures: one on the more than ten-day-old rib cage and two newer ones on the ankles, while the four-month-old baby is not independent: “It can only be a torsion inflicted, provoked,” she believes. The accused will be able to make further statements during the final days of the hearing, Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th March. He faces a 30-year prison sentence.

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