“a democratic and intellectual emergency”

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Tribune. Rarity: The Minister for National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, made his mea culpa by recently acknowledging that it was problematic that more than half of high school students gave up mathematics at the end of the second grade. However, this is not the only discipline that high school students desperately need!

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Understand the mechanisms of growth and its environmental and social limits, identify current changes in work, discuss the fundamentals of economic policies put in place to curb unemployment or inflation, grasp the weight of our social history on the fate of individuals, question the roles of the market and the authorities in the European economies, understanding the economic, social and economic causes of the increase in abstention
Environmental factors behind the recomposition of inequalities…

Fifty-five years ago, the
Economics and Social Sciences (SES) were introduced in high school to fulfill a democratic imperative: equip students to engage with contemporary issues by promoting the complementarity of a variety of university disciplines (economics, sociology, history and politics, anthropology). will.

Today, the success of the SES among high school students is undeniable, despite the poor execution of the “reforms” of the high school and high school diploma. According to the ministry, in 2021, SES was the second most chosen major, with 44.7% of undergraduate students and 35.8% of graduate students.

Technical chapters

However, this instruction is still too inaccessible to some students, who leave high school after at best an hour and a half of SES in secondary school, mostly without the possibility of half a year’s work to carry out applied activities. In such a short time, students and teachers cannot go beyond a simple overview of a few subjects without the opportunity to delve into them, let alone acquire the methods and intellectual attitudes specific to the social sciences.

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Funding for the SES has declined since the implementation of the higher education reform, resulting in a reduction of 14% of SES teaching hours. In practice, these hours are not enough to work in small numbers, to prepare students for the Baccalaureate exams and the methods essential for university success, or to develop students’ skills in document research and oral expression.

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