a custom of a model family outraged Internet users

If we could have foreseen this moment Big families, we would never have believed it. In any case, the fans can’t believe it and are rebelling!

Large Families viewers are revolting!

Discover the credits of Big families makes dizzy. Actually the teamobjection admire the patience of the parents of adventure. How do you cope with everyday life? Right now, between the pandemic and falling purchasing power, the public loves to get last-minute tips. Unfortunately, the spontaneity of some doesn’t suit everyone. Thanks to these three examples, that’s exactly what we wanted to tell you today. Let’s go, follow the guide and buckle up. We are entering a zone of turbulence.

We are thinking in particular of Amandine Pellissard. She and not Alexandre is the conductor of her happy family of eight children. Certainly at the moment she claims to be the victim of harassment. We no longer count the fire letters she receives. She even read one to our colleague Jordan Deluxe. If she takes a step back, maybe this experience will make her think and turn things in her favor? The mystery remains intact… We’ll let you know when things change! Luckily, newcomers are coming to brighten the show Big families. And it’s not the two we’re about to introduce that you should tire of! We tell you everything down to the smallest detail.

Everyone has their own method!

In the Boibessot family, Hervé is a multitasking man. When he is not working in the household or in his future business, he takes care of the upbringing of the six children. Always there for Audrey, he vies with resourcefulness to prove to her that she made the right choice. As you have understood, these participants are from Big families quickly found their place in the program. Like chameleons, they concatenate mythical sequences.

At the moment, the racing budget occupies the fans of Big families. After explaining her technique to us, Alexandre Pellissard’s wife adds water to her wine. When her big Leo wasn’t there to help her, she spent entire afternoons there. In order to save some money, she keeps a close eye on what is on offer at the nearby supermarkets.

As for the Blois, after a week without his dear and affectionate Diana, Gérôme is at the end of his life. As proof, he just sent a follower to the roses on Instagram. He accuses him of not having saved enough. Never mind, despite the strenuous presence of the technical team at big families, he will show him from A+B that he is on the wrong path.

This disturbing custom of large families

But this episode of Big families would not be complete if we did not approach the Jean Zephirin tribe. Barely recovered from the birth of her ninth baby, Raoudha sounds the alarm. Exhausted and at the end of her strength, she decides to enlist the help of a midwife. When the latter deals with the topic of diapers, it’s a revelation. And yes, the blue line is supposed to make it easier for him. If it shows up, it’s a sign of urine. So Léandre must be a priority and be substituted as soon as possible.

By the way, speaking of the other kids, how do they experience the adventure? Big families? Aside from a few colorful altercations with the adults, things aren’t going badly. objection states that the volcanic character of Stéphane must have a lot to do with it. With him you have to go straight or you will throw his tantrums. After so many offspring, how can anyone feel left out? This incredible tradition will outrage netizens. While they’re constantly tightening their belts, they have the budget to indulge them. It almost seems as if the small area of ​​the nest expands for a moment as if by magic. And you, dear reader, what do you think? More in one of our next issues…

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