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Belgium has everything to do with cycling! The greatest sports classics (Tour of Flanders, Liège-Bastogne-Liège…), the champion of champions (Eddy Merckx) and cycle paths galore. We have enough to have the “Seum” behind our common border. Luckily, some skills are exported. Bemoov bikes exclusively dedicated to develops bicycles children. Let’s find out how Belgian society is taking care of the future of our children thanks to a mobile phone call to co-founder Fred Ledoux!

Test pilots paid for homemade ice cream!

The bike is in the meadow!

Can you imagine riding a bike that weighs 70% of your weight? nope ? Neither did Fred Ledoux and Serge Van Vuchelen! Neither for them nor for their descendants. Indeed, by observing their own toddlers on two wheels, these two Belgians noticed the significant gap between adult and children’s bike design. They therefore rolled up their sleeves to create the “Bemoov Bikes” brand to offer a complete range adapted to children’s morphology and abilities.

According to Fred a child”can balance two bikes on a balance bike from the age of 18 months, on the weight supports from the age of 24 months and, thanks to specific ergonomics, learn their first pedal strokes from the age of 2.5 years“The important thing is to start projecting yourself onto a framework that grows with you. It is therefore logical that the brand now, for its first “real” season, offers both Balance (=wheels) only 24 Meanwhile for teenagers 26 inches, which will soon arrive on the brand’s website and dealers.

If the company was born amid a global pandemic, its founders, long vaccinated with the little queen, haven’t given up. Proof of this is that they asked children from all over Wallonia to test their first prototypes, while thinking about assembling the range soon in a social integration factory in Belgium. A resilience that pays off for a high-end brand aimed exclusively at the children’s market. With a salty encore for the parents?

Weight, geometry, customization: the future of children’s bikes!

At Bemoov Bikes it takes 3 tanks of diesel for an SUV to offer a bike to your child between the ages of 4 and 6. When politicians play yo-yo energy with our wallets, Belgian manufacturers have solid economic/ecological/eco-educational arguments. In fact, the bikes are studied for the height of children to guarantee a balance at all times in the future.

In addition to being lighter than “cheap” bikes, the geometry of a Bemoov Bikes children’s bike is designed so that the child can develop calmly at any age. The unisex frames offer a low center of gravity to allow for easy transfer while gaining stability while riding. The brakes are adjustable for better grip and the shift knobs (featured in this video) are already teaching your kids about physical exertion: On a hill, I press green to avoid going red!

“The children’s bike is not the miniature of an adult bike. It is a bike adapted to the morphology and abilities of the youngest!”

Frédéric Ledoux, co-founder of Bemoov Bikes

Even if the brand offers a very complete technical guide for parents who absolutely don’t want to go wrong, let’s not forget the essentials… Cycling for children is above all a hobby! Our lovely toddlers have plenty of time to take care of their bike ride and to equip themselves. Monotony beats at Bemoov. Colors, Flowers, Stickers! Each bike is customizable with up to 45 different combinations thanks to the decorations made in Belgium, which are easily interchangeable. Rather handy when it comes to contemplating what’s next and not feeling like you’re getting your big brother or little sister’s bike back?

Bicycles for a sustainable and social balance

“Kids moove the world” chants the Belgian brand in its networks. This is also the direction that our French government seems to be taking for more than a year, as we have translated it to you in “Savoir Roller” in this article. In order for this maxim to really apply to all families and for our children to benefit from adapted bicycles throughout their growth, one would have to rely on a well-oiled ecosystem.

Fred Ledoux assures us that his two bikes, thanks in particular to the quality and durability of the components used, retain 70 to 75% of their value after passing through the hands of a child or two. For this reason, Bemoov will soon use its own second-hand resale system, as in the electronics sector. Admittedly, their bikes are not yet in this market, but the Belgian founders want to make their activity sustainable: “The goal isn’t to make a fortune, it’s to make this business make sense. We want our customers to be aware of the investment that buying our bikes represents.“. An investment that is not only economical?

If you are looking for “wheels” on a Bemoov Bikes children’s bike, skip your round. The philosophy of the company is to understand a certain balance for the future thanks to their bikes, and this from the youngest age of the children. The one that gives you confidence after multiple block rounds. The one that then gives you a taste of the well-being of a physical activity practiced daily. Or even the one that fits into our societies for less individual environmental impact. Because that’s what it’s all about, to be amazed from childhood, to make better progress in life!

Serge and Frédéric don’t like to admit it. Their bikes are undoubtedly tools that allow these natives of Namur to exact revenge on their Flemish neighbors by leaving behind the cradle of the next nugget of international cycling. Her brand is now part of an inclusive approach on many levels: Thinking with children’s eyes through marketing for parents.

To discover the range of children’s bikes from Bemoov Bikes, visit the official website.

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