A bitch who suffered a nervous pregnancy becomes the adoptive mother of 7 puppies! (Video)


In Texas (USA) a dog named Lacey suffered a nervous pregnancy. Shortly after, she adopted the puppies from another dog who was having trouble taking care of them.

« When our St Hubert dog Belle went into labour, Lacey decided she was going into ‘fake labour’., and began carrying a ball, nesting in it and shaking itcalled Nancy Bornerdog breeder (Boerner’s Bloodhounds) Texas, I checked her out and she was very depressed, she was pumping up. »

This day, Lovely gave birth to 15 tiny adorable versions of herself. Unfortunately, the young mother struggled to meet all her needs. Since she couldn’t take care of this whole small tribe on her own, her owner came up with the idea of ​​mobilizing Laceyreports the British daily mirror in an article published on March 30, 2022.


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? I love you – baby music

15 puppies for 2 mothers

Nancy slowly transferred some puppies and put them back into the caring paws of the Bernese Mountain Dog. ” She’s super happy and I’m sure Belle will be very relieved too ‘ said the breeder.

Today, Lacey, who dreamed of having a litter, finds herself as the adoptive mother of 7 pretty balls of fur. The other 8 are spoiled by their biological mother. ” I can’t believe how much she loves her “, told Nancy.


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? Original sound – Nancy (Boerner’s Bloodhounds)

The latter shared her story on her TikTok account. The videos showing the 2 dogs and the newborns have captured the hearts of thousands of internet users. Many positive comments were submitted: She understood the mission one person wrote; “ She was made a mother commented another.

It’s a great adventure that doesn’t just start for Lovely and Lacey, but also for the little creatures that were born in this love nest. There’s no doubt that these 15 precious treasures are being spoiled by wonderful moms.

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? Original sound – Nancy (Boerner’s Bloodhounds)

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