A 44-year-old homeless man living with a mother sexually assaults her 4-year-old son…

The tragedy happened last February. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves and are not suspicious… And yet… Evil is everywhere! Indeed, some individuals are goodness incarnate, but that can backfire at times. This is what happened to the mother of this four-year-old boy. The latter kindly wanted to help a homeless friend. While the 44-year-old man was at home and she herself wasn’t there, he sexually assaulted his friend’s son, who shook hands with him… We tell you about the hell of this family.

A homeless man convicted of sexually assaulting his friend’s son…

This Tuesday, April 5, 2022, a 40-year-old homeless man appeared before the judge, who immediately appeared at the Lorient court. The charge is sexual assault on a four-year-old boy. The committed and punishable acts took place on February 15. The mother of the family had housed her free of charge for several months to help her. The mother of the family certainly didn’t think of the worst. She trusted her boyfriend and left the homeless man and their little boy at their home.

When the mother returns home, it is a shock for her! The scene is horrific and she can’t believe her eyes. She arrives at the children’s room and, according to information from our colleagues, spots him with his pants down telegram. The 44-year-old crouched in front of the little boy.

State of shock for mother and child

Even the little boy was in shock. He will make the following revelations to his mother about his homeless friend. The guilty ” touched her penis and buttocks “. The words of the child are confirmed by the 44-year-old man before the police forces. Deputy prosecutor Bastien Diacono was appalled by this tragedy. He stated ” a retrospective shock of what would have happened if the mother of the family hadn’t surprised him ».

« A mother who feels guilty for bringing the wolf into the sheep pen and turning to him ‘ continues Chantal Pellier-Bihouis, the family mother’s lawyer. These sources and statements were shared by journalists telegram. Indeed, it will be difficult for this mother to accept the sad truth and move on. The guilt must be very strong, but she cannot blame herself for having a good background…

The SDF face 18 months in prison

The 44-year-old homeless man’s name is Said Khiter. During his trial earlier this week, he confessed to terrible things. In fact, the SDF stated “ wanted the child “. As if it were a predator and its prey. While that in no way diminishes the alleged facts, he confided that this was the first time he had done so. Last Tuesday he was found guilty and faces 18 months im spend in prison and must be monitored by specialists for five years.

The judge of the Lorient court also forbids him to have any contact with the victim’s mother and child. He can no longer live or remain in the Morbihan region or vote for the next five years. Eventually, the 44-year-old homeless man was placed on the national sex offender register.

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