5 things not to do at the end of pregnancy

With a bulging belly in the final months of pregnancy, you’ll find it almost impossible to tie your shoelaces, put nail polish on your feet… unless you lengthen your arms. Our advice and plan B to anticipate or just forget…

That last months of pregnancy are often the most complicated for the mother-to-be, also in everyday life. If you have a big belly that just doesn’t let you see your toes, you have to make concessions or find other solutions. Here are our tips for coping with the thought of giving up, as well as ours Tips and Plan B to anticipate what you can no longer do when you are pregnantwithin a few weeks or months.

1- Put on shoes, tie shoelaces

In the third trimester of pregnancy, It will be almost impossible for you to bend down to tie your shoelaces or put on your shoes who are sometimes difficult to put on. Our tip: Depending on the season, opt for models that are easy to put on. For example, in winter, opt for wide and comfortable boots that slip on like slippers… In summer, it will be easier with flip-flops or Birkenstock sandals.

2 – Apply varnish to the toenails

The same goes for shoes: bending down to reach your feet quickly takes a superhuman effort. Before doing so, remove the polish you have already applied to allow your nails to breathe and look natural. We can do without paint every now and then, right? However, if it’s really important to you, go to an institute or ask your spouse to help you get dressed… without overdoing it!

3 – Sleep on your stomach, find a comfortable position

Difficult to fall asleep when pregnant, especially at the end of pregnancy, since you are already unable to sleep on your stomach. You will even have a hard time finding a simple comfortable position. You have to turn around and as soon as the baby gives you a few nudges, the slightest movement will wake you up hoping to close your eyes. Our tip: Have you ever tried the pregnancy pillow (to put between your legs for better support). In addition, it is used to breastfeed or bottle-feed the baby after birth.

4 – Wax your bikini line yourself

Do not attempt waxing or electric epilation without seeing the part of your body that is below your belly, especially if you want to wax your bikini line. Like nail polish, you should avoid smooth legs or a perfect Brazilian bikini… If this bothers you, make an appointment at a salon and ask not to go on the spot too often, because remember you become more sensitive than be ordinary.

5 – Bend down, pick up your things

Be careful if you try to bend down to pick up your belongings or those of your children off the floor… you will probably have difficulty doing this and if you can, it may be difficult for you to stand up. Gain some height at the end of pregnancy, keep your head up and don’t let it get you down! Seriously, the dad-to-be has certain daily chores to attend to: the glasses and plates that are at the bottom of the dishwasher are no longer really accessible to you, and forget about housework in general, because tiredness is often very strong in the last months of pregnancy.

► At the end of pregnancy, calm down, rest and take care of yourself to be in good shape on the day of delivery. Now more than ever, it’s up to you to listen to your body, go at your own pace, and most importantly, not feel obligated to do certain things to please those around you when you don’t really want to. So that others adapt to you, pass you on and support you on a daily basis.

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