18 pretty b first name ideas for the upcoming baby!

If you’re struggling to find the perfect name for your baby, why not try a “b” name? Simple and efficient!

Rare first name or common first name?

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We are given a first name at birth. We generally keep this first name until the end of our lives. Of course there are exceptions. Why ? Quite simply because these people do not feel probably with her first name. Why again? Because a first name must be able to designate and define a person. In fact, a first name always has a meaning, meaning, root and etymology. The choice of a first name must therefore be made with care and taking this data into account.

Choosing the baby’s first name is never easy, and new parents know it. Find an answer to “What should we name it?” is perhaps one of the most difficult things in the world. You have to start the search engine and pick up a few ideas here and there. A guided tour using the first names of relatives is also possible. The final decision, of course, rests with the parents. The chosen first name can be together Where from Rarely.

A given name is considered common when a large number of newborns become its owners in a year. The more popular the first name, the more common it becomes in society.

A first name is rare, on the contrary, few babies carry it throughout the year. In addition to the annual statistics, the dates can also be evaluated the introduction of the first name in France. You should know that a first name is not only rare or common, but can also be modern or ancient. The modernity or antiquity of a given name depends on the date it appeared on French soil.

However, it’s not as if a given name dates back to medieval times that it’s necessarily popular. At the same time, a first name from 2010 is not immediately trendy. In the end, it all boils down to statistics. Whether you’re looking for the most original rare first names or the most common, the important thing is to find one you like. Also, remember to vote a name your child will like, for it must be said that it is HE who will bear the first name all his life. Might as well choose one that suits him!

Suggestions for first names in “b” for girls

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Given names beginning with the letter “b” are a safe bet. They are present in all languages, all countries, all religions, in short all over the world. This gives an almost endless list of names to choose from. Here is a small selection of first names in “b” for girls.


Babette means “God is an oath” in Hebrew. It can also be seen as a diminutive of Elisabeth. Babette is an old name, dating back to before 1900. However, it is not as popular as another name. In fact, Babette’s most successful year was 1982, when 17 daughters succeeded her.

Babette is a girl hypersensitive and very lovingly. She does not enjoy solitude but thrives on being surrounded by family and friends.


Bao is a first name of Chinese origin, perfect for those who love the exotic. Bao first appeared in 1979.

Bao is a person seriousuncompromising and shows a lot austerity. Bao loves stability and consistency in his life. A little insane at times, that’s because she doesn’t like it when things are done badly.


Berenyce finds its origin in English. This is a very recent first name as it appeared in 1999. Since then only 7 Berenyces have been identified.

Berenyce is a girl who loves to have her independence. Her personal ambitions are the motor of her life. This is another reason why she loves challenges and challenges. She is ready to be successful and gives herself the means to do so.


Berra comes from the Germanic and means “shining, sublime”. Very new and modern, Berra has only been coming to France since 2007. From then on, the Berras of France are 61 in number.

Berra shines with his calm. Of gentle natureShe is very sensitive and caring towards those she loves. Shy at first, she does not remain affectionate and sociable.


Beverly is an English name meaning ‘near beavers’. This original given name emerged in 2013 and was only given to a very small number of girls.

Beverly is a girl benevolent. She develops an almost contagious “positive mindset” and is always in a good mood.


Bonnie is an English given name. Derived from “bonus” it means “beautiful”. This is an old first name from 1954.

Bonnie is nicecuriousand awake. Equipped with a large dynamics, she is stubborn and has a great thirst for learning. What does she hate the most? Idleness!


Brandy has English roots. This first name comes from “brandewijn”, which means “burnt wine”. It was released in 1994.

Brandy is a person whose goals are of the utmost importance. She shows a lotindependence and does not shy away from any challenge.


Brenda is a Celtic given name meaning “princess”. Fairly new Brenda appeared in 1995. However, since its appearance it has been gaining popularity. In fact, no fewer than 647 girls wear it.

Brenda stands out for her generosity. A little pushy at times, she is nonetheless sincere and empathetic.


Bridget has Celtic roots. It comes from the Celtic word “brigh” which means “strength”. France entered this first name in 1996. Since then, Bridget has remained a rare first name.

Emotional and sometimes nervous, Bridget is a sensitive girl who finds pleasure in it love to share.

Suggestions for first names in “b” for boys

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Basile, Bader, Barry, Bachir… So many first names starting with the letter “b” perfect for a little boy. Below is a small selection of first names in “b” in the original.


Balthazar can also be spelled “Balthasar”. In both cases it comes from the Greek and means “God protects the king”. It’s one of the old first names. Still quite popular, 108 Balthazar were listed in 2019.

Balthazar is creative and imaginative. His greatest advantage is that he is courageous, which allows him to always achieve his goals.


Baptist comes from Baptista, “to baptize”. If it has long been used as an adjective, it has been considered a given name since the 15th century. It has enjoyed increasing success over the centuries.

Baptiste prevails through his charismahis powers of persuasion and his eloquence.


Benedikt derives from the Latin and Arabic “benedictus” and means “blessed”. Its appearance on French soil dates back to 1900 and has grown in popularity ever since.

Benoît is a sensitive boy and Reliable. Very attentive to those around him, he abhors malevolence and is always inclined to do good around him.


Badr means “fair-haired” in Arabic. A rather original first name, but not very common. In 2017, it was given to 59 boys, the maximum number since the first name appeared in France.

bard isstrangeand lovable while being whimsical and very enthusiastic. Sometimes a dreamer, he’s still a boy who likes a challenge.


In the Greek language “sebastos” means “to crown, honored”. Bastien, diminutive of Sebastien, derives from this word. It is one of the most popular French given names. In 2020 alone, it was awarded to 427 boys.

This boy has many ideas. He shows himself to be huge workforce.


Billy derives from the English “will” and means “determined protector”. Since he arrived in France in 1939, no less than 2481 Billy have been counted.

Billy shines with his benevolence, his generosity and his modesty. He has an unfailing positivity.


Bartholomew comes from the Hebrew language. Derived from “bar-tolmaï” it means “son of Tomolai”. This is an old first name that is not very popular. In 2019 it will be awarded to 21 babies.

Barthelemy surprises with his ambitions. Sometimes reckless, he does not shy away from any obstacle to achieve his goals. In other words, this is a person determined to succeed.


Boris comes from a Slavic root meaning “fight”. Very popular between 1970 and 1991, it has become much less popular since 2000.

Boris is a boy smart workerambitious and full of energy.


“Hart”, meaning “courage, bear”, is the Germanic word from which Bernhard derives. It is an old first name that has become quite rare for babies these days.

He is a person whose personal ambitions occupy a large place in life. Will do anything to achieve his goals, shows tremendously determination.

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