15 years with Nagui, “broken teeth”, children, “love at first sight” with Antoine, favorite maestros…

Magali Ripoll is getting ready to tour with the N’Oubliez Pas Les Paroles team. But what do you know about the talented and wacky choirboy? Secrets of Nagui’s buddy…

Nocturnal, Magali Ripoll enchants the ears of the viewers of Don’t forget the lyrics…and makes her laugh with his sense of humor particularly. The famous backing singer of the show is getting ready go on tour with Nagui’s teamfor a series of shows titled Don’t forget that the lyrics put on a show. Concerts that have to take place from April 9 in Aurillac in the Cantal to May 29, 2022 at the Olympia in Paris. But do you really know the singer, musician, sidekick of Nagui and mother of two? Mysteries and mysteries of Magali Ripoll.

Magali Ripoll, “in love” with…

– Magali Ripoll was born on December 1, 1978 in St Raphaelin the Var, and grew up in a family of musicians.

– It is therefore quite natural that she starts music theory at the age of five, learns the piano … and loves the accordion, which quickly became his instrument of choice. “The neighbor next door was an accordion teacher. He received students every Wednesday and Saturday and I could hear the accordion playing from my window. I am literally fell in love with this sound‘ she confided in an interview Gala.

– Despite everything, her musician parents Magali Ripoll would have preferred to choose a more groovy instrument… “My parents were okay with me making music, but the accordion had kitschy connotations. They would have wanted me to do one Instrument a little more pop“, she explained.

– Meanwhile, the teenager takes her first steps on stage balls and parties all kinds, accompanied by his father on drums. Music is a family thing!

– In high school, she also founded a band with friends.

Magali Ripoll: Her “worst memory” with one star

– Then she goes to Paris to make music. After several auditions, she rose to prominence and began accompanying several stars on tour, including Nadia, Emmanuel Moire, but also Lorie, who she was doing it with”around the world‘ he confided in a recent interview Gala.

– His worst tour memory? He is distant but still vivid in his memory! At that time, the musician was in her twenties. “The worst memory is mine broken tooth because of a Billy Crawford’s microphone during a choreography. It was a great moment of loneliness“, She said Gala.

– It was 2007 that Magali Ripoll joins Nagui’s team on TVin Don’t forget the lyrics. Her talent as a singer coupled with her sense of humor and self-mockery quickly made her a favorite of viewers!

– In 2016 she released her solo album, howling lovewhich she largely wrote and composed herself.

Magali Ripoll: why she doesn’t show her children

– His companion is a Musician named Antoine. They have two small children together Chloe and Marius.

– Very discreet, Magali Ripoll does not want Exposing your loved ones to the public. “I’m not comfortable with the idea of ​​exposing kids on the networks. Sometimes I share little duets with my daughter because we have fun like friends but we don’t see them. We don’t know how she is (…) me don’t post a picture of me with my boyfriend or my vacation with my children. There are Limits‘ she explained Gala.

Magali Ripoll: “Love at first sight” with her companion?

– With her companion, it was far from obvious at the beginning of their relationship: “I don’t believe in love at first sight. I don’t really know how that thing works (laughs). It was first a professional relationship, then a friendship.before our lives merge“.

And to clarify: “We have a such complicity in life about our daily life, our children and our work, that it could only fit together well. If we were made not to end our life together we could always work together“.

– On several occasions, Magali Ripoll almost left the show Don’t forget the lyrics. The talented chorister had desires from elsewhere. “It turns out that something happened every time on the show. I told myself I couldn’t go and that I would regret it. And at the same time I always had the opportunity to do other things besides the show. It has allowed me to find a balance and never get tired enough to walk away‘ she confided.

Does Magali Ripoll have favorite Maestros?

– Does Magali Ripoll have any? favorite teacher? In any case, she made friends with a few. “I was human Kevin, Renaud or Margaux‘ she confided Gala before I explain: “Inevitably, friendships developed over time. We are not allowed to approach them during the registration periods as this is a money game“.

– Her daughter Chloe has one like her Gift for the song to the chagrin of Nagui’s buddy! “I would have liked to have put my daughter on the path to major economic, social, political or psychological studies, Not at all! She sings all day. I signed her up for acting, singing and piano lessons. She’s got it so deep that I said to her, ‘Okay, but it’s work. If you want to do that, it’s not a problem, but you have to work'” explained Magali Ripoll.

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