10 startups you should know about to find a childcare solution

Update of an article originally published on September 7, 2021


With more than 200,000 families already registered in its application, the startup baby-sitter has a strong community. Part of a small Facebook user group set up to help find a trustworthy babysitter, the company now has nearly 400,000 nannies. Parents can post an announcement on the platform notifying nearby babysitters. They can then choose the profile they prefer based on the reviews previously made by other families. No change? Payment can be made directly in the application.


Created in 2019, the platform MaryPop offers a bilingual babysitting service for parents looking for childcare solutions. Nathalie Berberis, adopted daughter from Lyon and mother of three Franco-Dutch children, started from one observation: the lack of childcare solutions related to language learning. So she created this Parental Support Service who, like her, wanted their children to keep using their language when they were surrounded by people who spoke a different language. The service is also aimed at parents who want to introduce their children to learning foreign languages. The idea is to use these vigils to integrate the natural practice of a new language into the child’s everyday life through games, discussions and reading.

noun upper

Childminders, home nurses, babysitters or au pairs… The Nounou homepage lists ads for professionals to take care of their children. The connection is free and the platform is remunerated by offering additional options, such as highlighting their ad. The site claims to have 7 million members and offers its service in a dozen countries in Europe. Nounou-top also integrates the top-assmat.com solution, an administrative management service for hiring a nanny.

Yes care

Do-it-yourself, animal care, cleaning, but also babysitting… FamilyHero, a sign of the Oui Care group, lists profiles on its platform who are willing to babysit your toddler for a few hours or even pick them up from school every day and help them with their homework. The site allows you to identify the nannies available nearby and read the comments and recommendations of other families who have used their services. The Oui Care group was also launched in 2018 noun experta service to support parents in the recruitment, administration and operational management of their childcare.


Created to enable students to easily find a job, the application MySt can also be of great help to parents. Available in 12 cities in France -Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Metz, Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse, Montpellier, Marseille, Nice-, this start-up offers young people different jobs, such as childcare, private lessons or computer assistance, paid between 10 and 23 euros net per hour.


Dookids is a matchmaking service between parents and childcare workers. Childminders, babysitters, au pairs… Parents will find different profiles adapted to the needs of their children. A boutique corner featuring parent-nanny liaison books, babysitter diaries or nanny activity plans is also available on the company’s website.


The platforms yoopies offers a solution to find someone close to your home to tutor or just babysit. The startup claims a community of 3 million members in more than 1,000 cities in 19 countries. The company ensures that it takes care of the drafting of the contract, automation of the hired person’s payroll, declarations and state aid applications.

children’s place

children’s place presents itself as the dedicated platform for overworked parents. Thanks to an interactive map, it shows its users all the childcare solutions close to where they live, whether they are micro-crèches, maternity assistants, babysitters, qualified nannies or service agencies. For EUR 5.90 per month, parents benefit from unrestricted contact with all profiles, access to the parent community and administrative support.

air babysitting

Airbabysit is a collaborative child care application between parents. Users can create their family profile, invite their friends and other parents from their toddler’s school to build a community of trusted parents. Available since June 2021, the application will then enable childcare and childcare planning and sharing. Services between parents are free, an exchange of points for services guarantees equality of care between the different parents involved.


The Pitchoon mobile application connects parents and babysitters in an easy-to-use and secure framework. In this tool, each person responsible for childcare is insured, interviewed and their identity verified by the startup. Babysitters can also be recommended by the community, which is a vote of confidence for the family looking for a child care solution. Parents have the ability to add friends and the schools their children attend to build a trusted network. You can finally pay directly when you apply, which costs a commission of 3.50 euros per babysitter.

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